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Eagle Drywall Inc.


   Our company was founded on the premise that if you have quality work and great service before, during and after construction, that we would not have any trouble finding new clients. We strive for complete customer satisfaction in all aspects of our business.
   In 1961 Gene Smith founded his company , Gene Smith Drywall

As any company starting out, it was small but through a lot of hard work and knowing that he must stand behind his work regardless he built his company and reputation into what it is now.

   In 1991 I started working for my father Gene learning the in and outs of the business, knowing that one day Gene would retire and need some one to take over the business he worked so hard to build.

That day came on March 8, 2001 when Gene announced he was retiring, at least from most of the business and clients he had built up. He still dabbles in some projects every once and a while and helps me when I need it.

  For the best interest of the company, Gene and I felt like we should change the name, so we did and Eagle Drywall & Insulation was born.

  The name may have changed but the service and quality is still priority.

Our success is based on quality craftsmanship and materials, and we hope we can share some of our knowledge and friendship with you.


Kevin Smith